50/50 Split Of Spreads
 And Trade Commissions
Zero Start-up Capital Needed
Work From Anywhere

Discover stellar opportunities for exponential growth.
Join our Introducing Broker (IB) Program and gain a competitive edge with a 50/50 split of spreads and trade commissions. At 4XC, we provide traders with unparalleled advantages, offering industry-leading conditions and equipping you with all the essential tools and resources.



An Introducing Broker is a company or individual that introduces clients to 4XC. As an IB, you earn commission for every active trader you have referred to us. It's a simple and cost-effective way to increase your income. You can work from anywhere and promote our services through your website or other marketing channels.

An Introducing Broker serves as a bridge between clients and 4XC. As an IB, you can earn commissions to generate additional revenue. Enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere as you promote our services through your website or other marketing channels.


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Why should you become a
4XC Introducing Broker?

Competitive Commissions

Earn tailored commission based on the account type, starting from 50% on spreads and trade commissions from all accounts.

Dedicated Marketing

Our marketing team provides you with various marketing materials to effectively attract potential clients.

Advanced IB Portal

Gain 24/7 access to our IB portal, where you can track your clients, manage funds, and have full transparency on your earnings.

Multilingual Support

Our team offers multilingual support, ensuring effective communication with your client’s preferred language.


How IB commission is calculated for Standard accounts?

For clients with a Standard account type, the only fee charged is a spread markup, with no trade commission. This means that for every trade executed, a portion of the spread will go towards covering IB's costs. For example, if a client with a Standard account opens a 1 lot trade on the EURUSDxx forex instrument, they will incur a 1.0 pip spread, which amounts to 10 USD (in the quote currency). IB will earn 50% of this amount, or 5 USD. It is important to note that the spread markup can vary depending on the trading instrument and its specifications.

How IB commission is calculated for PRO and VIP accounts?

Clients with a PRO or VIP account type will only incur a trade commission, with no spread markup. If a client with a PRO account opens a 1 lot trade on the EURUSDxx forex instrument, they will incur a trade commission of 5 USD (independent of the quote currency). IB will earn 50% of this amount, or 2.50 USD. VIP is calculated the same way, just instead of Trade commission 5 USD, VIP account are charged 4 USD per round lot for Forex instruments, so IB commission will be 50% from 4 USD which is 2 USD.

3 Simple Steps To Success

Step 1

Sign up to become
an Introducing Broker

Fill in the required fields with your personal information and trading expertise.

Step 2

Introduce clients and track daily IB commission in your bespoke IB Portal. 

Use the provided marketing materials to attract potential clients.

Step 3

Sit back and benefit from our three-level IB system that generates revenue. 

Earn commissions on your clients' trading activities.


Our IB Program requires ZERO startup capital, making it an accessible business opportunity for anyone. Let us handle the marketing while your clients' trade and you earn. Our marketing materials are lightweight, fun, and self-explanatory, making sharing them easy.

Check out our Marketing materials and download brochures in multiple languages, introduce 4XC to your network, and grow your business with a reliable and trusted partner.

Prior to using any of the marketing materials please sign up as an IB. 
Receive your Partner Emblem, and showcase your partnership with 4XC on your social media, website, or any other media channel. Highlight your affiliation with a broker that offers out-of-this-world trading opportunities.

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