It's a great time to start

*50% First

deposit bonus

Increase your funds & Margin

*Starting from 14.07.23 the offer will only be available to all accepted countries excluding the following countries: Indonesia, Pakistan, UAE (Maximum FTD Bonus amount : 20%)

**Starting from 04.05.23 the offer is no longer available for clients from Bangladesh.

All Profits are yours

All gained profits can be withdrawn. No restrictions on withdrawals.

Stronger Start

We ensure our clients start with enough margin to increase those odds.

No complications

No complex requirements or hard to meet expectations that usually come with promotions and bonuses. 

3 easy steps to receive your First Deposit Bonus

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Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Register with 4XC and verify your account.

Open your preferred trading account type and platform and make your first deposit.

Fill out the First Deposit Bonus form to be approved within 24 working hours.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see my bonus?

Once the bonus is added to your MT4/MT5 trading account, it will be displayed in the Credit field of your trading platform. It will also be included in the Equity and Margin fields but will not be taken into trading account in the Balance field.

Can I withdraw the bonus funds?

Your bonus funds can be used in trading, including a drawdown. The bonus funds are not available for withdrawal, but you can withdraw the profit obtained through trading. Please keep in mind, that once you request a withdrawal, the bonus will be eliminated within filling your withdrawal request. 

Is the bonus added automatically to my account after I make a deposit?

Fill out the First Deposit Bonus form and you will get a confirmation within the next 24 working hours.

Does this bonus have an expiration date?

Bonus added to your trading account has no expiration date.

Can I transfer the bonus to another account?

The bonus cannot be transferred to other accounts. Please keep in mind, that once you request an Internal transfer from the trading account to which the bonus was added, it will be assumed, that you don't need a bonus on that trading account anymore and it will be eliminated within filling your Internal transfer request.

I have an account with 4XC, however I have not deposited yet. Can I still receive a bonus?

Yes, if you have never deposited to any of your trading accounts we treat you as a new client.

I’m currently trading with 4XC. Can I still receive a bonus?

The Bonus can be applied only by new clients who have never deposited into a trading account with 4XC. Contact our support department to learn about personal offers for current traders and IBs.

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