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Country Manager

Take on a Key Leadership Role in Driving Growth and Managing Business Operations in Your Country.

Stellar Career Growth

Propel your career forward with ample opportunities for personal and professional development in a fast-paced, global industry.

Cosmic Collaboration

A team of professionals, working together to achieve astronomical success and drive innovation in the Forex market.

Interstellar Flexibility

Enjoy the freedom to manage your work-life balance, with flexible working hours and a supportive environment.

Galactic Recognition

Be rewarded for your hard work and dedication with competitive compensation packages and performance-based incentives.


Who is a Country Manager?

A Country Manager is a senior-level executive responsible for managing and growing the business operations of a forex company in a particular region or country. The role of a Country Manager is crucial, as they are responsible for driving growth, building relationships with clients, managing local teams, and ensuring that the company is compliant with local regulations.

Key Responsibilities

Explore your role in shaping business strategy and driving success as a Country Manager by building business for the assigned region/country, managing the local office, growing an extensive and profitable portfolio, recruiting and leading a Business Development team, and promoting the business in local language industry-specific forums, seminars, and webinars.

why apply

Elevate to Orbital Excellence

  • Market Insights

  • Leadership

  • Client Relations

  • Impact and Recognition

Gain invaluable insights into the local market, including its cultural nuances, regulatory framework, and competitive landscape, as you tailor operations to meet the unique needs of your region.

Seize the chance to take your career to the next level as a Country Manager. In this role, you'll uncover a wealth of opportunities, ranging from gaining in-depth market knowledge and honing your leadership skills to fostering lasting connections with clients and making a meaningful difference. Start this exhilarating adventure and find out what it means to excel in the Forex industry. Are you prepared to embark on this remarkable path with us?

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