October 28

4XC has pledged to continue serving as the official sponsor of the Cook Islands Rugby team in 2022

We're currently watching the Rugby League World Cup season get underway. The Cook Islands Team crushed it with the score of 12-18, and we are committed to continue sponsoring them. We are eagerly anticipating the quarterfinals with round two on Tuesday, October 25 and round three on Sunday, October 30 in the UK.  

 As sports fans ourselves, we have a genuine interest in sportsmanship, and we enjoy watching our teams win their battles. We derive self-esteem from our team's success stories and we have a strong bond with the teams we pick to sponsor.  

Sports fandom fosters a sense of community, allowing fans to identify with their favourite team, and 4XC's current plan is to also bring the rugby community together. Rugby's culture is built on teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline, and sportsmanship, and we definitely value the culture it facilitates, as we find ourselves perfectly aligned with these qualities too. 

4XC will continue to help our local teams by providing them with the resources they need to guarantee their success. We are committed to supporting the Cook Islands Rugby League, and we wish the association and the national teams best wishes in the World Cup.

4XC is a trading name of 4xCube Limited registered in the Cook Islands and licensed by the Financial Supervisory Commission.

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