November 11

Cook Islands defeat France in the Women’s Rugby League World Cup

Cook Islands defeat France in the Women's Rugby League World Cup

We were blown away by the Cook Islands women's team, who won 26-18, and we are determined to continue sponsoring them.

We have a genuine interest in rugby as sports fans ourselves and we definitely enjoy watching our teams to win their battle. We gain self-esteem from our team's successes, and we form strong bonds with the teams we choose to sponsor.

Women's rugby is one of sports' great success stories, with unprecedented growth all over the world, as it actually represents  female empowerment. Women in sports can take on leadership roles and collaborate to achieve a common goal within a team building activity, which is what female empowerment is all about. Women in sports like rugby have reported that participation in sports has helped them develop their self-esteem, courage, and self-efficacy, as well as improved their physical and mental health. Rugby's ideology is indeed based on teamwork, respect, and discipline, and we certainly stand for that too. We value the culture it fosters and we share these qualities within our team too.

We are committed to backing the Cook Islands Rugby League by providing the resources they need  and we wish the association and national teams best of luck in their future endeavors.

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