Stock Trading

4XC provides clients with the ability to trade CFDs worldwide in over 290 stocks.

What are Stocks?

Stocks, or equities, represent a piece of ownership in a single company. An investor in a company is known as a shareholder and will typically receive dividend payments and voting rights (where applicable). When it comes to trading shares, investors can speculate on share price movements without taking direct ownership via a CFD.

Why Trade Stocks with 4XC?

We value our traders and their trading success, therefore we provide the very best trading conditions.

  • Leverage of up to 1:500
  • Access to over 290 stocks
  • All trading strategies allowed
  • Free Education & Signals
  • No Dealing Desk or Conflict of Interest

How To Trade Stocks

Trading stocks, allows you to speculate on a company’s market price without holding the underlying asset. 

Many factors can affect the value of shares, including company news, mergers and acquisitions, quarterly earnings, investor sentiment, and interest rates.  

With CFD stock trading, it’s possible to profit from the rise and fall in a company’s share price. In contrast, with traditional stock market investing, you can only benefit from upward price movements.

Trading Instruments

& Account Typical Spreads

List Of Trading Instruments in Forex | Metals and Oil | Index CFDs | Cryptocurrencies | Stocks.

AUDCADxAustralian Dollar Vs Canadian Dollar1,51,01,3
AUDCHFxAustralian Dollar Vs Swiss Franc1,40,91,2
AUDJPYxAustralian Dollar Vs Japanese Yen1,20,71,0
AUDNZDxAustralian Dollar Vs Nz Dollar1,51,01,3
AUDSGDxAustralian Dollar Vs Singapore Dollar1,81,31,6
AUDUSDxAustralian Dollar Vs Us Dollar1,00,50,8
AUDZARxAustralian Dollar Vs South African Rand53,452,853,1
CADCHFxCanadian Dollar Vs Swiss Franc1,81,31,5
CADJPYxCanadian Dollar Vs Japanese Yen1,30,81,1
CHFHUFxSwiss Franc Vs Hungarian Forint2223,02218,02220,0
CHFJPYxSwiss Franc Vs Japanese Yen1,30,81,1
CHFZARxSwiss Franc Vs South African Rand105,098,0101,0
EURAUDxEuro Vs Australian Dollar1,00,50,8
EURCADxEuro Vs Canadian Dollar1,51,01,3
EURCHFxEuro Vs Swiss Franc1,00,50,8
EURCNHxEuro Vs Chinese Yuan Renminbi15,014,514,8
EURCZKxEuro Vs Czech Koruna115,0114,5114,8
EURDKKxEuro Vs Denmark Krone16,716,716,2
EURGBPxEuro Vs British Pound0,90,40,7
EURHKDxEuro Vs Hong Kong Dollar2,21,72,0
EURHUFxEuro Vs Hungarian Forint1551,01547,01549,0
EURJPYxEuro Vs Japanese Yen1,00,50,8
EURMXNxEuro Vs Mexican Peso70,069,569,8
EURNOKxEuro Vs Norwegian Krone14,514,014,3
EURNZDxEuro Vs Nz Dollar2,01,51,8
EURPLNxEuro Vs Polish Zloty12,612,112,4
EURRUBxEuro Vs Russian Ruble290,0289,5289,8
EURSEKxEuro Vs Swedish Krona28,327,828,1
EURSGDxEuro Vs Singapore Dollar2,11,71,9
EURTRYxEuro Vs Turkish Lira28,127,627,9
EURUSDxEuro Vs Us Dollar0,70,20,5
EURZARxEuro Vs South African Rand66,065,565,8
GBPAUDxBritish Pound Vs Australian Dollar1,81,31,6
GBPCADxBritish Pound Vs Canadian Dollar1,91,41,7
GBPCHFxBritish Pound Vs Swiss Franc1,61,11,4
GBPDKKxBritish Pound Vs Danish Krone26,025,525,8
GBPJPYxBritish Pound Vs Japanese Yen1,30,81,1
GBPNOKxBritish Pound Vs Norwegian Krone23,623,123,4
GBPNZDxBritish Pound Vs Nz Dollar1,81,31,6
GBPSEKxBritish Pound Vs Swedish Krona26,626,126,4
GBPSGDxBritish Pound Vs Singapore Dollar2,62,12,4
GBPUSDxBritish Pound Vs Us Dollar1,10,60,9
GBPZARxBritish Pound Vs South African Rand25,880,580,8
NOKSEKxNorwegian Krone Vs Swedish Krona5,95,25,6
NZDCADxNZ Dollar Vs Canadian Dollar2,01,51,8
NZDCHFxNZ Dollar Vs Swiss Franc1,81,21,5
NZDJPYxNZ Dollar Vs Japanese Yen1,20,71,0
NZDSEKxNZ Dollar Vs Swedish Krona28,027,527,8
NZDSGDxNZ Dollar Vs Singapore Dollar2,52,12,3
NZDUSDxNZ Dollar Vs Us Dollar1,40,91,2
SGDJPYxSingapore Dollar Vs Japanese Yen1,61,11,4
TRYJPYxTurkish Lira Vs Japanese Yen2,01,51,8
USDCADxUS Dollar Vs Canadian Dollar0,90,40,7
USDCHFxUS Dollar Vs Swiss Franc1,00,50,8
USDCNHxUS Dollar Vs Chinese Yuan8,68,18,4
USDCZKxUS Dollar Vs Czech Koruna85,084,584,8
USDDKKxUS Dollar Vs Danish Krone14,714,214,5
USDHKDxUS Dollar Vs Hong Kong Dollar14,514,014,3
USDHUFxUS Dollar Vs Hungarian Forint901,0900,0900,5
USDILSxUS Dollar Vs Israeli Shekel16,816,016,3
USDJPYxUS Dollar Vs Japanese Yen0,80,30,6
USDMXNxUS Dollar Vs Mexican Peso37,637,137,4
USDNOKxUS Dollar Vs Norwegian Krone12,612,112,4
USDPLNxUS Dollar Vs Polish Zloty15,414,915,2
USDRUBxUS Dollar Vs Russian Ruble260,2259,7260,0
USDSEKxUS Dollar Vs Swedish Krona15,314,815,1
USDSGDxUS Dollar Vs Singapore Dollar1,20,71,0
USDTRYxUS Dollar Vs Turkish Lira26,125,625,9
USDZARxUS Dollar Vs South African Rand41,641,141,4
ZARJPYxSouth African Rand Vs Japanese Yen1,61,01,3
XAGUSDxSilver Vs Us Dollar1,00,30,8
XAUUSDxGold Vs Us Dollar2,11,51,9
XALUSDAluminum Vs US Dollar29,024,026,0
XCUUSDCopper Vs US Dollar33,028,030,0
XNIUSDNickel Vs US Dollar103,998,9100,9
XZNUSDZinc Vs US Dollar34,229,231,2
XPDUSDPalladium Vs US Dollar145,2140,2142,2
XPTUSDPlatinum Vs US Dollar56,051,053,0
COUKxBrent Crude Oil0,070,030,05
COUSxWTI Crude Oil0,080,040,06
AU200xAustralia S&P ASX 200 Index4,33,84,1
EU50xEU Stocks 50 Index1,61,11,4
FR40xFrance 40 Index1,30,81,1
DE30xGerman 30 Index1,20,71,0
HK50xHong Kong 50 Index3,53,03,3
JP225xJapan 225 Index13,513,013,3
ES35xSpain 35 Index4,54,04,3
UK100xUK 100 Index1,30,81,1
US500xUS Spx 500 Index1,20,71,0
US100xUS Tech 100 Index2,21,72,0
US30xUS Wall Street 30 Index2,21,72,0
BTCUSDxBitcoin Vs US Dollar50,045,047,0
ETHUSDxEthereum Vs US Dollar29,024,026,0
LTCUSDxLitecoin Vs US Dollar12,17,19,1
SymbolInstrumentMinimum SpreadUsed Margin
AALxAmerican Airlines Group Inc0,410%
AAxAlcoa Corp0,410%
ABTxAbbott Laboratories0,410%
ACNxAccenture Plc0,410%
ADBExAdobe Inc0,410%
ADIxAnalog Devices Inc0,410%
ADPxAutomatic Data Processing Inc0,410%
ADSKxAutodesk Inc0,410%
AEPxAmerican Electric Power0,410%
AFGxAmerican Financial Group Inc0,410%
AIGxAmerican International Group0,4710%
AKAMxAkamai Technologies Inc0,410%
ALLxAllstate Corp0,410%
ALXNxAlexion Pharmaceuticals Inc0,410%
AMATxApplied Materials Inc0,410%
AMDxAdvanced Micro Devices / AMD0,410%
AMTxAmerican Tower Corp0,410%, Inc0,410%
APDxAir Products & Chemicals Inc0,410%
APPLExApple Inc1,110%
ASMLxASML Holding NV (Nasdaq)0,410%
ATVIxActivision Blizzard Inc0,410%
AVBxAvalonBay Communities Inc0,410%
AXPxAmerican Express Co0,410%
AZOxAutozone Inc0,410%
BABAxAlibaba Group Holding Ltd (ADRs)0,410%
BACxBank of America Corp0,410%
BAxBoeing Co0,410%
BAXxBaxter International Inc0,410%
BBTxBB&T Corp0,410%
BIDUxBaidu Inc (ADRs)0,110%
BIIBxBiogen Inc0,410%
BILIxBilibili Inc-Sponsored (ADRs)0,410%
BKNGxBooking Holdings Inc0,410%
BKxBank of New York Mellon Corp0,410%
BLKxBlackrock Inc0,410%
BNTXxBioNTech SE0,410%
BRKBxBerkshire Hathaway Inc - Class B0,410%
BSXxBoston Scientific Corp0,410%
BXxBlackstone Group Inc0,410%
BYNDxBeyond Meat Inc0,410%
CAHxCardinal Health Inc0,410%
CATxCaterpillar Inc0,410%
CCIxCrown Castle Intl Corp0,410%
CCLxCarnival Corp0,410%
CHTRxCharter Communications Inc0,410%
CITYx Cigna Corp0,410%
CLxColgate-Palmolive Co0,910%
CLXxClorox Company0,410%
CMAxComerica Inc0,410%
CMCSAxComcast Corp0,410%
CMExCME Group Inc0,410%
COFxCapital One Financial Corp0,410%
COGxCabot Oil & Gas Corp0,410%
COSTxCostco Wholesale Corp0,410% Inc0,410%
CSCOxCisco Systems Inc0,410%
CSXxCSX Corp0,410%
CTSHxCognizant Tech Solutions - Class A0,410%
CVSxCVS Health Corp0,410%
CVXxChevron Corp0,410%
CxCitigroup Inc0,410%
DALxDelta Air Lines Inc0,410%
DBXxDropbox Inc0,6810%
DDOGxDatadog Inc - Class A0,410%
DELLxDell Technologies Inc0,410%
DExDeere & Co0,410%
DFSxDiscover Financial Services0,410%
DGxDollar General Corp0,410%
DISCKxDiscovery Inc - Class C0,410%
DISxThe Walt Disney Co0,410%
DLTRxDollar Tree Inc0,410%
DOCUxDocuSign Inc0,6410%
DOWxDow Inc0,410%
DUKxDuke Energy Corp0,410%
DVNxDevon Energy Corp0,410%
DxDominion Energy Inc0,410%
DXCMxDexCom Inc0,410%
EAxElectronic Arts Inc0,410%
EBAYxeBay Inc0,5710%
ECLxEcolab Inc0,410%
EDUxNew Oriental Education (ADRs)0,410%
EDxConsolidated Edison Inc0,410%
ELxEstée Lauder Companies0,410%
EMNxEastman Chemical Co0,410%
EMRxEmerson Electric Co0,410%
EOGxEOG Resources Inc0,410%
EPDxEnterprise Products Partners LP0,410%
EQIXxEquinix Inc0,410%
EQRxEquity Residential0,410%
ETNxEaton Corp Plc0,410%
EWxEdwards Lifesciences Corp0,410%
EXCxExelon Corp0,410%
EXPExExpedia Group Inc0,410%
FANGxDiamondback Energy Inc0,410%
FASTxFastenal Co0,410%
FBxFacebook Inc0,410%
FCAUxFiat Chrysler Automobiles NV0,410%
FCXxFreeport-McMoRan Inc / FCX0,410%
FDXxFedEx Corp0,410%
FISVxFiserv Inc0,410%
FISxFidelity National Info Services Inc / FIS0,410%
FITBxFifth Third Bancorp0,410%
FOXAxFox Corp - Class A0,410%
FOXxFox Corp - Class B0,410%
FTIxTechnipfmc Plc0,410%
FTVxFortive Corp0,410%
FxFord Motor Co0,410%
GDxGeneral Dynamics Corp0,410%
GExGeneral Electric Co0,410%
GFIxGold Fields Ltd0,410%
GILDxGilead Sciences Inc0,410%
GISxGeneral Mills Inc0,410%
GLWxCorning Inc0,410%
GMxGeneral Motors Co0,410%
GOOGLxAlphabet Inc - A0,410%
GOOGxAlphabet Inc - C0,410%
GPNxGlobal Payments Inc0,410%
GPROxGoPro Inc0,5710%
GPSxGap Inc0,410%
GSxGoldman Sachs Group Inc0,5710%
GWWxWW Grainger Inc0,410%
HBANxHuntington Bancshares Inc0,410%
HCAxHCA Healthcare Inc0,410%
HDxHome Depot Inc0,410%
HLTxHilton Worldwide Holdings Inc0,410%
HONxHoneywell International Inc0,410%
HPExHewlett Packard Enterprise Co / HPE0,410%
HPQxHP Inc0,410%
HRBxH&R Block Inc0,410%
HSTxHost Hotels & Resorts Inc0,410%
HSYxHershey Co0,410%
HTHTxHuazhu Group Ltd (ADRs)0,410%
HTZxHertz Global Holdings Inc0,410%
HUMxHumana Inc0,410%
IACxIAC / InterActive Corp0,410%
IBMxInternational Business Machines Corp0,410%
ICExIntercontinental Exchange Inc / ICE0,410%
ILMNxIllumina Inc0,410%
INTCxIntel Corp0,410%
INTUxIntuit Inc0,410%
IQxIqiyi Inc (ADRs)0,410%
ISRGxIntuitive Surgical Inc0,410%
ITWxIllinois Tool Works0,410%
JCIxJohnson Controls International Plc0,410% Inc (ADRs)0,5110%
JNJxJohnson & Johnson0,410%
JPMxJPMorgan Chase & Co0,410%
KHCxKraft Heinz Co0,410%
KKRxKKR & Co Inc0,410%
KLACxKLA Corp0,410%
KMBxKimberly-Clark Corp0,410%
KMIxKinder Morgan Inc0,410%
KODKxEastman Kodak Co0,7410%
KOxCoca-Cola Co0,410%
KRxKroger Co0,410%
LBTYKxLiberty Global Plc - Class C0,410%
LENxLennar Corp - Class A0,410%
LLYxEli Lilly & Co0,410%
LMTxLockheed Martin Corp0,4710%
LOWxLowe's Cos Inc0,410%
LRCXxLam Research Corp0,410%
LUVxSouthwest Airlines Co0,410%
LVSxLas Vegas Sands Corp0,410%
LYBxLyondellbasell Industries - Class A0,410%
MANUxManchester United Plc0,410%
MARxMarriott International - Class A0,410%
MAxMasterCard Inc0,4710%
MCDxMcDonald's Corp0,410%
MCHPxMicrochip Technology Inc0,410%
MCKxMckesson Corp0,410%
MCOxMoody's Corp0,410%
MDLZxMondelez International Inc0,410%
MDTxMedtronic Plc0,410%
METxMetlife Inc0,410%
MLMxMartin Marietta Materials Inc0,410%
MMCxMarsh & McLennan Cos0,410%
MMMx3M Co0,410%
MNSTxMonster Beverage Corp0,410%
MOMOxMomo Inc-Spon (ADRs)0,410%
MPCxMarathon Petroleum Corp0,410%
MRKxMerck & Co Inc0,410%
MRNAxModerna Inc0,410%
MROxMarathon Oil Corp0,410%
MRVLxMarvell Technology Group Ltd0,410%
MSFTxMicrosoft Corp0,410%
MSxMorgan Stanley0,410%
MTBxM & T Bank Corp0,410%
MTCHxMatch Group Inc0,410%
MxMacy's Inc0,410%
NBLxNoble Energy Inc0,410%
NEExNextera Energy Inc0,410%
NEMxNewmont Goldcorp Corp0,410%
NIOxNIO Inc (ADRs)0,6910%
NKExNike Inc0,110%
NKLAxNikola Corp0,410%
NOCxNorthrop Grumman Corp0,410%
NOWxServiceNow Inc0,410%
NSCxNorfolk Southern Corp0,410%
NTAPxNetapp Inc0,410%
NTESxNetEase Inc (ADRs)0,410%
NUANxNuance Communications0,410%
NVDAxNVIDIA Corp0,710%
NXPIxNXP Semiconductors NV0,410%
OKExOneok Inc0,410%
OMCxOmnicom Group0,410%
ORCLxOracle Corp0,410%
OXYxOccidental Petroleum Corp0,410%
PANWxPalo Alto Networks Inc0,410%
PCGxPG&E Corp0,410%
PEGxPublic Service Enterprise Group / PSEG0,410%
PENNxPenn National Gaming Inc0,410%
PEPxPepsiCo Inc1,0510%
PFExPfizer Inc0,410%
PGRxProgressive Corp0,410%
PGxProcter & Gamble Co0,410%
PHxParker Hannifin Corp0,410%
PLDxPrologis Inc0,410%
PMxPhilip Morris International0,8210%
PNCxPNC Financial Services Group0,410%
PPGxPpg Industries Inc0,410%
PRUxPrudential Financial Inc0,410%
PSAxPublic Storage0,410%
PSXxPhillips 660,410%
PXDxPioneer Natural Resources Co0,410%
PYPLxPayPal Holdings Inc0,4410%
RCLxRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd0,410%
REGNxRegeneron Pharmaceuticals0,410%
ROKxRockwell Automation Inc0,410%
SAVExSpirit Airlines Inc0,410%
SBUXxStarbucks Corp0,4710%
SHOPxShopify Inc0,410%
SIXxSix Flags Entertainment Corp0,410%
SOxSouthern Co0,410%
SPGIxS&P Global Inc0,410%
SPOTxSpotify Technology SA1,210%
SQxSquare Inc - A0,410%
SRExSempra Energy0,410%
STTxState Street Corp0,410%
STZxConstellation Brands Inc - Class A0,410%
SWKxStanley Black & Decker Inc0,410%
SYFxSynchrony Financial0,410%
SYMCxNortonLifeLock Inc / Symantec0,410%
SYYxSysco Corp0,410%
TALxTal Education Group (ADRs)0,410%
TFCxTruist Financial Corp0,410%
TGTxTarget Corp0,410%
TIFxTiffany & Co0,410%
TMExTencent Music Entertainment (ADRs)1,010%
TMOxThermo Fisher Scientific Inc0,410%
TMUSxT-Mobile US Inc0,410%
TOTxTotal SE (ADRs)0,410%
TRIPxTripAdvisor Inc0,410%
TRVxThe Travelers Companies Inc0,410%
TSLAxTesla Inc1,910%
TSNxTyson Foods Inc-Class A0,410%
TTDxThe Trade Desk Inc - Class A0,410%
TTWOxTake-Two Interactive SoftwareInc0,410%
TWTRxTwitter Inc0,4710%
TxAT&T Inc0,410%
TXNxTexas Instruments Inc0,410%
UALxUnited Airlines Holdings Inc0,410%
UAxUnder Armour Inc - Class C0,410%
UBERxUber Technologies Inc0,510%
ULTAxUlta Beauty Inc0,410%
UNHxUnitedHealth Group Inc0,410%
UNPxUnion Pacific Corp0,410%
UPSxUnited Parcel Service Inc0,410%
USBxU.S. Bancorp0,410%
VFCxVF Corp0,410%
VIPSxVipshop Holdings Ltd (ADRs)0,410%
VIRTxVirtu Financial Inc0,410%
VLOxValero Energy Corp0,410%
VMCxVulcan Materials Co0,410%
VRTXxVertex Pharmaceuticals Inc0,410%
VxVisa Inc0,710%
VZxVerizon Communications Inc0,410%
WBAxWalgreens Boots Alliance Inc0,410%
WDAYxWorkday Inc - Class A0,410%
WDCxWestern Digital Corp0,410%
WFCxWells Fargo & Co0,410%
WMBxWilliams Cos Inc0,410%
WMTxWalmart Inc0,410%
WMxWaste Management Inc0,410%
WYNNxWynn Resorts Ltd0,410%
XELxXcel Energy Inc0,410%
XOMxExxon Mobil Corp0,410%
YUMCxYum China Holdings Inc0,410%
YUMxYum! Brands Inc0,410%
YYxJoyy Inc (ADRs)0,410%
ZMxZoom Video Communications Inc0,410%

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