July 12

New Payment Methods For India

Faster, better transactions!

Here at 4XC we always place a high value on you, the client, and try to offer you the best services possible. We know that our market in India often faces issues with their transactions.

So, we are excited to share with you the new available payment methods UPI (Unified Payments Interface), IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), and INB (Indian Net Banking) for Clients in India.

To use these payment methods you require only the use of your mobile phone. Just go to our website’s ‘Client Area’ to deposit and select ‘Electronic Funds Transfer’ and choose one of the two available options. 

After you have decided on the amount of your choice, you can proceed either by scanning a QR code or a 12 Digit UTR. 

These new available Local methods will allow you for faster and simpler execution of your transactions. 

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