July 31

Level Up Your Trading With Acuity

Quality Signals. Simplified Decisions. Accurate Trading.

4XC is excited to announce that new premium AI-Powered tools are now available to all its traders, through a new exciting partnership with renowned news technology company Acuity.

This strategic alliance promises to revolutionise the way traders access, analyse, and act upon critical financial information. 

Using Acuity's cutting-edge technology, 4XC aims to empower traders with real-time insights and data, leading to more informed decision-making and enhanced trading outcomes.

Why does this matter for our traders?

These premium AI-Powered tools will give our traders a significant advantage over the markets, enabling them to recognise trading opportunities when they appear:

  • Signal Centre
    Get time on your side, simplify your trading decisions, and increase your potential by combining human expertise and AI-driven analysis. To get more information visit our Signal Centre.

  • Economic Calendar
    Access international events from more than 55 countries, affecting the financial markets. Turn volatility from global economic events into trading opportunities. Take advantage of our Economic Calendar.

  • Market Alerts
    Receive alternative trade ideas with a confidence rating and validity period, allowing you to plan entry/exit points accurately. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging real-time Market Alerts.

This new collaboration is a pivotal moment in the financial industry. As the partnership continues to evolve, the future of 4XC traders who are seeking a dynamic and practical trading experience looks very bright.

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