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Who can become an IB

Introducing Brokers (IBs) play a crucial role in connecting traders with the Forex market. If you are passionate about the financial markets and want to become an IB, here's what you need to know.

Individuals or businesses with a strong network of potential clients interested in trading Forex, Entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the financial industry and Experienced traders who want to share their knowledge and earn a commission on their referrals' trades.


The best services to help you to be inspired & inspire your clients

Anyone can be an Introducing Broker, without any experience or specialised knowledge in trading CFDs. Our unique IB Program offers you many lucrative rewards and support when you introduce potential clients.

Dedicated marketing team

Available upon request, state-of-the-art marketing materials.

Accelerate your results with professional banners, widgets, booklets, email templates, Facebook covers and more.

24/7 Access to IB portal

Unrestricted access to everything you need.

Get secure access to your own IB portal page with analytics such as progress, commissions and profit updates.


Multilingual Support

Multilingual support available in 24 languages.

Our team of dedicated multilingual specialists are on hand to guide and assist you in all your language based needs.

Statistics and reporting

Understand how to achieve the best ROI from your activity.

With access to reports and statistics to analyse the effectiveness of your marketing activities.


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Introducing Broker Commission Structure

As a fair broker, we offer a competitive IB commission structure starting from 50% of spread and trade commission from all accounts

How IB commission is calculated for Standard account type?

For clients with a Standard account type, the only fee charged is a spread markup, with no trade commission. This means that for every trade executed, a portion of the spread will go towards covering IB's costs. For example, if a client with a Standard account opens a 1 lot trade on the EURUSDxx forex instrument, they will incur a 1.0 pip spread, which amounts to 10 USD (in the quote currency). IB will earn 50% of this amount, or 5 USD. It is important to note that the spread markup can vary depending on the trading instrument and its specifications.

How IB commission is calculated for PRO and VIP account type?

Clients with a PRO or VIP account type will only incur a trade commission, with no spread markup. If a client with a PRO account opens a 1 lot trade on the EURUSDxx forex instrument, they will incur a trade commission of 5 USD (independent of the quote currency). IB will earn 50% of this amount, or 2.50 USD.
VIP is calculated the same way, just instead of Trade commission 5 USD, VIP account are charged 4 USD per round lot for Forex instruments, so IB commission will be 50% from 4 USD which is 2 USD.

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